"Even in the most horrific darkness, light shines through and warms the broken soul"
  Lynn Gallant-Blackburn

Delicate yet strong, the dragonfly symbolizes the power of light in our lives; a colourful reminder that we can reflect and use this light in positive ways if we choose.

Life is fragile and all too fleeting. It is a gift which is given to us for a short time only; and, much like the intricate wings of the dragonfly, it is both exquisite and delicate. How fitting that this delightful beauty is believed to have supernatural powers. Said to carry conversations between human earthlings and the Divine, it is known as the "Messenger from God".

The secret to enjoying to its fullest this delicate gift called life is to awaken each day expecting something wonderful to happen. Such was Paula's attitude towards life. This was not anything she actively thought about; rather, it was something innate. I often wonder if she ever suspected how greatly she impacted others. As you read through the various drop downs on this page I am sure this question will be answered for you - just as it was for me.

It is the kindness and generosity, the support and prayers and always, the unconditional love provided by our family and friends which helps us to move forward. This image of the dragonfly reminds us once again of the things Paula stood for.

The initiatives cited on this page are a reflection of the love felt by all of us who have been blessed with the gift of Paula.