December 05, 1969 - December 27, 2005

Thank you for visiting our website, which is dedicated to the memory of Paula Anne Gallant. Paula was a loving mother, sister and wife; a beautiful friend and teacher; as well as a gifted artist who lived every day to the fullest. On December 27, 2005, just one week before her daughter, Anna's, first birthday, Paula was ripped from our lives at the hands of a monster, who is yet to be charged. Through this website we hope to provide you a closer look at "everything Paula".

Born in Glace Bay, NS, on December 5, 1969, Paula was the youngest of three daughters, of Paul and Dianne Gallant. With the untimely passing of their father in 1985, and mother in 1989, the Gallant sisters learned at a very tender age to lean on each other. Lynn, the eldest daughter quickly became parent and friend to Paula, and Lana, the middle daughter, became Paula's closest confidant and best friend. Together the Gallant sisters moved to Halifax where they each pursued their chosen career paths and started their families. The closeness of the family is quite the exception to the norm as each weekend and every holiday saw the Gallant sisters gather together with their families and friends at the home of one of the three. It is this strong sense of family that gives us the strength to be a voice for Paula. Although she is no longer with us in body she is very much with us in spirit and we are thankful to have had the pleasure of having Paula in our lives - even if for a short time only.

The concept for this website was inspired by Paula's unique, signature "P". From there emerged the four key words for the drop down links "Paula, Peace, Perseverance, Prosecution". The purple hue which washes over her "P" is representative of and stands as a voice for violence against women. As you scroll through our website, we ask you to please take a moment to reflect upon the significance of the four aspects of Paula's story. Having been such an inspiration during her short lifetime, this website stands as a reminder to all that in death, Paula still remains an inspiration.