“And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.”

Abraham Lincoln

The background of this page displays Paula's signature "P". Woven into the ribbon of the "P" are the words Perseverance, Prosecution, Peace and Paula. We believe that continued perseverance will guide this case to the Prosecution stage which in turn will bring Peace for all involved. That which motivates us to continue on with our journey is Paula. We have chosen the color purple for it represents and stands as a voice for violence against women. Together, many minds working toward a common goal can make the difference.

To order Paula's magnetic "P" click on the forms link found on this page. Please display this on your car or in a visible location to show your support for Paula. All proceeds from the sale of the "P" will go towards the cost of this sustained awareness campaign and the tools, such as the "P" and this website, required now and in the future to keep Paula’s story active and the information current.

At the end of the day we all strive for that happy ending...for some it will come to fruition; for others, not. But, sometimes life much like some stories does not come with a perfect beginning and ending. The best you can hope for is to be present in the moment and know that you have made the most of that moment; for nobody knows what is yet to come.

This incentive has been a labor of love for all involved as well as a journey for healing. Having made such a huge impact upon those she met during her short lifetime, Paula, in death, teaches us to leave no word unspoken for that second chance may prove to be ever elusive.

On behalf of Paula's beautiful daughter, Anna, her sisters Lynn and Lana, her brothers-in-law, Alain and Paul, nephews Timothy, Connor and Dylan, niece Emily and we, her countless friends who were so deeply touched by Paula, thank you for visiting our website. In closing we are reminded that each day granted is a gift and we should never regret one.