Sometimes words flow; without thought they happen. Such was the case with this poem. In seeking out comfort for my weary heart this poem was scribed with love, as well as a great sense of loss, for Paula.

When day is finally ended
And the sun has again been placed,
We will remember your laughter
Once again, we will see your face.

For your presence will not be forgotten
Nor your gentle loving way,
Forever will your beautiful spirit
Guide us on our way.

On this earth each one is placed
To serve a greater end,
To carry on without you here
Is our burden, dear friend.

So speak to us in whispers
Found in the morning breeze,
Remind us of your passion
For all that you did see.

Reach out your hand to touch ours
In your grasp please hold it tight,
Gently guide us in our journey
Walk us out into the light.