“Signs from the soul come silently, as silently as the sun enters the darkened world.”

Tibetan Saying

Since Paula’s death there has been lots of signs which appeared to different people in different ways. You can’t really explain them but you know they are signs by the way they make you feel. I personally have encountered three signs:

Crow Feathers
A Single Sunflower

Crow Feathers In the Spring of 2006 and since, I must have picked up a hundred crow feathers all over our property. Been here 20 years and never noticed an abundance of crow feathers. Lynn encountered lots of crows and feathers at the same time and of course we talked about it. (Could it be Murray, a grand old gentleman who was a neighbour of the Blackburns and well into his 90’s would still come down and sit by the pool and enjoyed being around young people - especially Paula. Was Murray telling us something about Paula to give her family a bit of peace?)

Deer In the Summer of 2006, Lynn and I were driving in the late evening on the road near our homes, and a deer appeared directly in front of the car, directly in front - with another on the road beside it but a step behind. Lynn drove through those two deer and they disappeared. She has seen deer in odd places since. (Could it have been a sign from their Mother and Father?)

A Single Sunflower Finally in mid-October I was in Ontario for a week and when I came back to work I asked Diane, my wife, who planted the fully grown sunflower near where we always park our van. Diane never saw the sunflower before either, but there it was in front of us. No one at work planted the flower because I checked. Sunflowers were Paula’s favourite flower and her symbol since she died. (Could this be Paula sending us a sign?)

People have stories of dragonflies and a woman in yellow on a rock and I am sure many more signs. We all certainly miss her. When the Police make their arrest there will be a sign sent to us all, which we might not be able to understand but will bring a degree of peace along with the message. We just have to keep looking, knowing that Paula is looking over us and guiding us along with others who went before her; as we all seek and desire the truth of this unfortunate event finally seeing the light of day.