Family’s Appeal for information in helping Solve Sister’s Murder

On December 27th, 2005, Paula Anne Gallant, 36, a grade 3 teacher from Beechville- Lakeside-Timberlea Elementary School was murdered and left in the trunk of her car outside that very school in which she taught. Today marks the second anniversary of her murder. Although her case remains unsolved to date, the RCMP are actively engaged in this investigation and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

On behalf of our family, and especially our children, Timothy, Connor, Dylan and Emily we are asking anyone that has ANY INFORMATION to contact the RCMP. We need your help…..please think about Tuesday, December 27th, 2005 and try and remember every single detail. We have all suffered such a great loss, but the children, our children and Paula’s many students, have been so painfully affected. They ask the tough questions and are especially tormented with one big question; Why? “Why would someone murder HER?” We have no answers for them. Why is such an important element of this investigation. If we can answer the “why”, it may lead to the “who”.

If you have heard or know anything about this case, please be a hero and speak for Paula. Even if the information you have may seem insignificant, please report it. If she went for a walk with her dog everyday to get the mail and you saw her on December 27th, 2005 getting her mail, please advise the Integrated Major Crime Unit. You may have that one piece of critical information that could solve this case. At the time of her death Paula resided at 41 Silver Maple Drive in Timberlea, Nova Scotia. She drove two different vehicles prior to her murder. Her body was found in her 1997 Green Chevrolet Cavalier License Plate BMP 504 and she owned a Blue Mazda Tribute License Plate DZR 168.

Did you see Paula anytime on December 27th, 2005? Was she walking? Was she driving either vehicle? Did you see anything unusual or suspicious on Silver Maple Drive or in the community including the school ground? All this information is important. Please talk to your children. They may have seen something while they were playing outside with their friends. Just try and imagine if this happened to someone in your life. You would want people to get involved. Please help if you can.

Please report any information you may have about Paula and her murder. Fact or fiction….let the investigation team determine the importance.

And to Paula’s killer (s) …please know, you have silenced Paula, but you cannot silence the hundreds of people who love her, miss her and will fight for the justice she deserves. Do the right thing, grow a conscience and turn yourself in will be caught…and soon.

Contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 or the Integrated Major Crime Unit at 490-5333. There is a $150,000 Reward being offered as well.

Thank You,

Lynn Gallant-Blackburn and Lana Kenny (Paula’s sisters)
Please visit Paula’s website at