Some feedback from Paula’s School administrators from ecole-Beechville-Lakeside School on her performance as an educator….thank you Sharry for sharing with us.



Ms. Paula Gallant has held the position of a grade three teacher this year at Ecole Beechville- Lakeside- Timberlea School. Her enrolment is 25 students and of these students, 2 are on Individual Program Plans while others attend resource support classes.

As a result of her active representation in Active Young Readers and her personal classroom practices, Ms. Gallant has developed a solid understanding of curriculum outcomes as they are related to the area of Language Arts.

Instruction and methods accentuate the need to develop in students a firm foundation in skills such as decoding and there is an emphasis on comprehension and critical thinking with attention to flexibility for individualization. Besides student texts, Paula utilizes a wealth of reading selections to stimulate interest in and a love of reading. Materials of a wide range of literary forms expose students to language rich in colour and reflecting the lifestyles, roles and situations within the child's world and beyond. Language activities, both oral and written, captivate and confirm what has been taught. Not to be overlooked, is the fact that Ms. Gallant realizes the importance of assessment as an important element of the total language strand and implements many varied techniques to observe and record student achievement.

It is said it is a combination of many fine characteristics, utilized together, that create a good teacher. However, good teachers, also, keep up on knowledge and research that can be used to improve their classrooms. Ms. Gallant possess worthy attributes such as empathy, enthusiasm, and confidence, as well as, a sense of mission. Her strong feelings about the importance of education drive her to enhance her own skills as she is currently completing a course at NSCAD and has sought the support of the school's math mentor to hone skills related to the instruction of mathematics. Paula uses all the resources she can get her hands on and collects knowledge so that her classroom runs smoothly and effectively.

Perhaps one of the most important characteristics of a good teacher is organization. Organization is crucial to classroom management. Paula provides the structure needed to make students comfortable and at the same time minimize downtime. Students are aware of the exact consequences of their actions and behave accordingly. Her strength in this area has been offered as well to the school's discipline team.
Besides her participation in a number of school level committees, Ms. Gallant is, also, one of the representatives of the school to the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

Ms Gallant has been a member of the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea teaching team for four years. Currently Paula is the teacher of 26 grade three students. Paula's overt personality laced with a great sense of humor enables her to establish a positive classroom environment in which each child's individuality is recognized. It is a classroom in which curiosity is engaged, performance is challenged and rewarded and students are taught to think.

It is apparent that Paula utilizes programs and support resources to develop and enhance creative, imaginative and effective learning. A full array of materials is used to enrich what is being taught and to being fun and excitement into the classroom. Paula uses appropriate teaching techniques to ensure positive experiences for all students despite the range of abilities. Students are encouraged to construct their own knowledge through activities that are a natural outgrowth of their interests. A deliberate attempt is made by Ms. Gallant to promote risk-taking. There is a classroom climate in which students feel safe and trusted to speak their thoughts, to risk putting ideas into words free of criticism and ridicule. Paula is making a concerted effort to pass on to her students the skills and values that will enable them to become intelligent and responsible decision-makers. The development of such skills also fosters a respect for human rights.

Paula contributes a great deal of time and energy to a number of school level committees. However, her greatest effort this year was given to the role of teacher liaison for the school's spring fair that was a tremendous success.

An important message is conveyed through the words of Helen Keller who stated, "I believe that the welfare of each is bound up in the welfare of all." Ms. Gallant strives through an integrated, interdisciplinary approach of teaching to create a team in which teacher and students are partners who understand and care for each other as a community of learners.