"I became Justice Critic for the Official Opposition because of Paula’s unsolved murder. No event has ever changed our community more than this terrible tragedy."

Bill Estabrooks, MLA

Bill and his wife, Carolyn, have been living in the same residence at 4909 St. Margaret’s Bay Road for over 30 years having raised two daughters, Trisha and Jana. He doesn’t just live in the area however; he is also a very active member of the community having been recognized internationally with his presentation of the Melvin Jones award for local volunteer efforts.

Before his administration days, one could usually find him in the gym, on the softball field or at the hockey rink. In the school system, Bill did more than give hope to the underdog; he was usually the one to ensure a fair playing field so there were no underdogs. One day while writing an article for the school paper, a student called out “Hey Mr. Estabrooks, what does the H in hockey stand for?” Never missing a beat “Sir” smiled and called back… “That H stands for Heart buddy!” And, heart seems to be Bill’s philosophy for most things.

To the thousands of students whose lives he has touched (Sir John A. MacDonald, C.P. Allen, Sackville High and Brookside Jr. High ) he was an inspiration through many happy, successful and some difficult times. He was acutely aware of the various aspects of the student’s home and family lives, always demonstrating compassion.

It was exactly fitting to form when on November 16th, 2006, Bill Estabrooks moved for the adoption of Resolution 961 in the Nova Scotia Provincial Government Legislature. Ecole-Beechville Lakeside Timberlea School would formally dedicate an art room in memory of Paula Gallant which would forever be called “Paula’s Place”. This art room would stand as a testament to the wonderful talents of a beloved and much loved teacher. (see link)

A new chapter in Bill’s life has begun and it is directly related to Paula and her family. Having previously held the position of Nova Scotia NDP Critic for Education, Transportation, Environment and Labor, he has taken on the task of Justice Critic.

It is no surprise to any of Bill’s students, friends, and colleagues that most issues he has challenged he has won. Bill has been a member of the “Justice for Paula” team, from its inception. He is involved, participatory and, to everyone’s benefit, has leveled the playing field. His counterparts in politics and the educational system quickly learned that Bill has a passion and his passion is to right the wrongs. Justice will be served.

House Proceedings (May 12, 2006)
Resolution 961 (November 16, 2006)
Resolution 704 (December 5, 2007)
Bill Estabrooks Appointed NDP Justice Critic
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