"We need to impress upon our children-our future adults-that violence is not an alternative, it should never be acceptable."

Sharon Rocha (mother of Laci and grandmother of Connor Peterson)

In unison the Gallant family and friends are constantly begging for someone to hear our plea: “Paula Deserves Justice”. We repeat it over and over in our daily words and actions. Our Members of Parliament and Law Enforcement agencies have been contacted. Letters to the editor and articles in the daily papers have reached countless people. Paula’s Place, community walks, fund raising and spiritual events have inspired thousands to take up Paula’s cause for justice.

To realize the extent of the public outcry over Paula’s death, one would have to measure hearts that no longer beat as whole, a depth of hurt so intense that words cannot describe it, the impact of older sisters losing their baby sister, children without their Aunt and a daughter growing up without her Mom. In the darkest hours and in the midst of hope it is our immeasurable public outcry that binds us together.

Our outcry for justice is not shouting from the rooftops, although we often feel like doing just that. It is something that is surprisingly subdued and extremely personal. We demonstrate it when we are together or thinking quietly by ourselves. Perhaps we express it when we are hopeful or sometimes feeling defeated. Our outcry may be a smile when we see a beautiful sunflower or a scream to fight off our dream’s dark visions. The most profound public outcry is an inward sob that helps to release our pain. It is our quiet determined faith in God, expressed by prayer. Prayer cannot be measured by volume, the words we use or the number of occasions that we may use them. We do have the ear of God and he hears our call for justice. Join our public outcry. God knows that we are waiting for the justice that Paula deserves and that will be the answer to our prayers.

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