Please read below the speech Ms. Sharry Ferguson,
Paula's Vice Principle shared with the audience at the dedication. Paula had tremendous respect for Ms. Ferguson and would have been honored by the kind words expressed. Paula's love, dedication and commitment to the children and fellow teachers in this school was evidenced throughout the ceremony and in the school. She is alive in each and everyone she has touched.....and no one can ever take that from us.

Paula Anne Gallant Official School Dedication (June 22, 2006)

Presented by: Ms. Sharry Ferguson, Vice Principal

It is with honor and sincere pleasure that I share these words about our greatly missed colleague and teacher, Paula Gallant.

I would like to share some excerpts from two appraisals I had the privilege to give of Ms. Gallant. I believe these comments capture the essence of her performance as a classroom teacher and shed light to her many attributes as an effective educator.

I quote, "Paula's overt personality and great sense of humor enabled her to establish a positive classroom environment in which curiosity was engaged, performance was challenged and rewarded and students were taught to think.
It was apparent that Paula utilized programs and support resources to develop and enhance creative, imaginative and effective learning. There was a classroom climate in which students felt safe and trusted to speak their thoughts, to risk putting ideas into words free of criticism and ridicule.

Paula made a concerted effort to pass on to her students the skills and values that would enable them to become intelligent and responsible decision makers. The development of such skills also fosters a respect for human rights.

Good teachers keep up on knowledge and research that can be used to improve their classrooms. Ms. Gallant possessed worthy attributes such as empathy, enthusiasm, and confidence, as well as, a sense of mission. Her strong feelings about the importance of education drove her to enhance her own skills as she enrolled in a course at NSCAD and sought the support of the school's math mentor to hone skills related to the instruction of mathematics. "

This is but a snapshot of the Paula Gallant we all came to know and love.

Therefore, it is with pleasure that we, the community of Ecole BeechvilleČLakeside- Timberlea School announce today that the current art room in the 3-5 building will now be dedicated to Paula's memory and from henceforth will be known as "Paula's Place". This plaque, to be mounted outside the room, reads: 

This Art Room is dedicated to the memory of teacher, Paula Gallant.
Her passion of teaching, especially of the Arts, kindled learning in her students and inspired her colleagues.

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece."