12th MONTH MASS (December 27th, 2006)



“What a beautiful difference one single life has made.”

Author Unknown


December 27, 2006 marked the first anniversary of Paula's murder; 365 days since we have felt the joy of laughing and sharing with our sister and friend; 365 days since Anna has felt her mother's touch; 365 days since Paula has watched a morning sunrise and 365 very long days that the person responsible for this crime has been allowed to walk free.


A simple wooden cross commissioned by Paula's sisters and hand crafted by a gentleman from Sydney Mines, a community near Paula's home town of Glace Bay, NS, marks her gravesite just outside the doors of St. Margaret of Scotland Church; the same church whose doors were, on July 5, 2003, open wide to welcome family and friends as Paula and Jason MacRae exchanged marriage vows. That which should be reflective of happier times now stands as a sobering and bittersweet reminder of a young woman who will forever be ingrained in our memories and our hearts and yet absent from our lives.