“A teacher affects eternity; she can never tell where her influence stops."


Henry Brooks Adam

Because of her compassion, Paula was an exceptional communicator. She cared about adults and children as well. Being passionate about the students whose lives she touched, she often spoke with caring and kindness of the many gifts each brought to her classroom. When faced with challenging situations, a discussion of methods and ways to meet these challenges quickly ensued. In many ways, Paula could transcend age and roles when interacting with her students for she had the uncanny ability to work with them on their level. When dealing with parents, she did so with great empathy; her focus remaining centered on collaboration between parent, teacher and student. Paula communicated with her fellow educators because she truly thought many caring minds could make the impossible seem possible.

To her classroom each day she brought knowledge and she reveled in the fact that every day garnered her more knowledge to be shared and incorporated within the teaching paradigm. From her students, Paula learned of life and love. To her, knowledge was much more than academics; it was about life and touching each student and adult she encountered. Paula valued sharing, fellowship and professionalism among teachers. I remember conversations we shared about challenges in our classrooms. To help source out a solution to my challenge and as a show of support, Paula would appear at my door with books and papers.

Ms Gallant was always interested. She was interested in reaching individuals and meeting them from where they came; she was interested in working to reach new heights both for herself and those she taught; and she was interested in making a difference. She believed that in working with children she could make a difference. To ensure her students learned Paula connected with her fellow teachers by building positive, supportive relationships which allowed for professional conversations. Paula built bridges and climbed mountains to ensure her students learned. She worked tirelessly to ask questions, read books and search for better and more effective methods of meeting the needs of her students.

I respect Paula and all she did in her short, full life, and Paula respected each and every person she met. She respected what they brought to her emotionally, socially and academically. Paula cared deeply about doing what was right and in meeting the many challenges with which she was faced each day. She worked tirelessly to discover what made each child special and to build on those special qualities. It was the child before her that was important.

A word I now use to describe an educator is Paula. Paula epitomized education and all it should be in today’s world. She was a teacher but her true focus was on learning. Success, to her, was measured by the learning which occurred in each person as they communicated, shared knowledge, expressed interest and respected each other.


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