100 DAY VIGIL (April 6, 2006)


As an educator, each year Paula celebrated with her students the "100 days of school" milestone.  This was her way of engaging the students in activities and lessons that provided opportunities for them to practice math and sharpen their observational skills.  Students were encouraged to gather 100 items and bring them to the classroom for a day of fun and learning.  Little did we ever suspect that on April 6, 2006, we would be celebrating the "100 days" milestone for any reason other that that which is cited above.


In an effort to recognize that 100 days had passed since her untimely death and that we were no closer to a resolve, family, friends and colleagues gathered by Paula's graveside at St. Margaret's of Scotland Cemetery to light 100 candles, say 100 prayers and release 100 messages of hope into the star lit skies of St. Margaret's Bay.






Media - Global News Apr. 6, 2006